Services are a commodity. Partnership is rare

The Atlanta Regional Office of The Pinnacle Group

About Us

In an increasingly commodified marketplace where the ground is shifting beneath our feet, there’s less value to selling a thing, and far more value in its implementation. Anyone can promise you a successful outcome. But only a few will commit to getting you there.

When you work with The Pinnacle Group Atlanta Regional Office, you’re working with more than just a wholesaler. Our team is a literal extension of your business, providing specialized services. Consider us your partners in client success, helping you extend your offerings and expertise, enrich your relationships, and elevate your business.

Why Choose Us

Our Advanced Planning Complex (APC) is a dynamic, multi-layered support team that exists to help you pinpoint business opportunities and design complex strategies for your clients. Better yet, with experts registered in all 50 states, we can provide support no matter where you are.

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As an RIA, you always have your clients’ best interests in mind. You don’t want product to dictate your client’s experience; you understand the value of a consultative, advice-driven approach that places its focus on the client’s need—not your own. We feel the exact same way.

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With combined decades of experience in helping advisors in the Atlanta area and beyond navigate insurance solutions, you can count on Mike Becher, Austin Knowles, and Dillon Crist to provide best in class support for both you and your clients.

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