Advanced Planning

No matter what opportunities are on the table, our Advanced Planning Complex team’s portfolio of exclusive, high-touch resources and specialists can guide you to solutions that best benefit your clients. What sets our team of subject matter experts apart is our dedication to working side-by-side with you from implementation to execution, not only providing you with concepts and ideas, but also meeting with your clients face to face.

How We Work


Gather information about your client and their needs


Identify planning solutions and collaborate with you on advanced planning recommendations


Present solutions to clients alongside you


Provide ongoing support throughout the application process


Collaborate with you on implementing the planning strategy

What We Offer

  • “Are you concerned about taxes affecting wealth for future generations?”
  • “Do you want to find a way to continue giving after you pass?”
  • “Are your legacy goals as efficient as they could be?”

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  • “What is your business really worth?”
  • “If you were to sell your business, would you get your money’s worth?”
  • “What will happen to your business when you retire?”

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  • “How can you make sure the future of your business is in the right hands?”
  • “If one of your children is involved in the family business, but others aren’t, how can you navigate this situation?”
  • “Do you know how you would find a replacement if one of your key employees stopped working for you?”
  • “Are your employee benefits mutually beneficial for both you and your key employees?”
  • “What are you doing to make sure that your key employees stay working at your company?”

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“Use leverage to multiply financial goals”

If you have high-net worth clients, chances are you’re familiar with premium financing: having a client take out a third-party loan to pay for their policy’s premiums. If the loan still unpaid at the time of the client’s passing, part of the policy goes toward paying off the debt, while the rest goes to the beneficiaries. What you may not be familiar with, however, is how our Premium Finance team sets itself apart.

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  • “Is there a tax-favored way I can offset employee benefit costs?”
  • “Can we find a way to help our institution generate long-term income?”
  • “Is there a smarter strategy for retaining bank leaders?”
  • Defined Benefits
    • “How much in income taxes did you pay last year?”
    • “Have you considered tax-advantaged business transition planning?”
    • “How will you leverage your business for your retirement?”
  • Tax Optimization
    • “Are you looking to create tax efficiency in your retirement plan?”
    • Tax Return Appraisal
  • “Did you know that an appraisal of tax returns can potentially generate credits and other benefits?”

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  • “Why did my policy suddenly get so expensive?”
  • “Should I just give up on my life insurance policy?”
  • “If I donate my policy to charity, what happens next?”

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